How Twitter Keyword Targeting Works

Keyword research on giant platforms like Twitter is an important factor that matters just as much as SEO, site link building, and content marketing. The difference between a Twitter page that gets tons of organic followers and one that gets none stands in the keywords used in each and every one of the posts.

Twitter Keyword Search

The phrases that people post on Twitter are indicators of what’s top of mind for them at that moment. Keyword targeting allows companies to target your Tweets so that they show up when people are searching for business-related issues. Twitter keyword targeting is most effective during seasonal periods, cultural events, and industry events that can be linked to your business.
Danmar Computers advises you to enter the keywords have been identified to be worth using and choose whether you want to use phrase match or unordered keyword match.
Start by reaching the most comprehensive group of relevant users, and don’t forget to use keyword targeting defaults to see which and how many accounts use slang, misspellings, synonyms.

Twitter Keyword Timeline Targeting

Customers that read, send out and follow Tweets usually send involuntary signals about what they are experiencing at a certain moment in time – and CRM can help your business analyze and translate the customer thoughts, feelings, and needs. With keyword targeting within the customers’ timeline, companies get to react on these signals by the means of targeting Tweets to niche users based on something they’ve Tweeted. For example, a travel company could reach people who have Tweeted about planning a winter trip by targeting keywords and phrases such as “winter trip”, “snow vacation”, or “winter travel tips”.

Choose CRM or Marketing Automation Software?

There is a big difference between a marketing automation software and the customer relationship management software, these two totally different systems have the power of improving or destroying a company’s campaign in a matter of minutes.

What is Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is composed of the tools that have the ability to automate, streamline, and analyze all of the marketing relevant workflows of a campaign.
This sort of systems let you follow a visitor’s funnel journey; it enables you to check when and if a customer visits your website, if he reads your blog, or when he fills out the site’s subscription form. They also have the ability to boost customer engagement, to bring in site increased leads and last but not list sales.
You can start using marketing automation software to better organize schedule and track marketing campaigns—especially email campaigns and mass business-to-customer communications.

What is Customer Relationship Management

The totally opposite customer relationship management system enables a company to plan and organize the optimizing of the customer experience.
A CRM system enables you to find out how long a contact has been a customer, it helps you identify past purchase records, and you will be able to check out dates and notes, a record of inbound interaction with the customer service team.
Danmar computers advises sales and customer service teams to use CRM data when optimizing the one-on-one interaction between companies and their clients to increase sales and customer satisfaction level.

Never Buy All the CRM Functions At Once

Getting a customer relationship management tool that comes with a set of standard functions is one of the worst decision’s your company could ever make. Danmar Computers advises companies to get a scalable CRM solution because it’s tools enables businesses to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market.

Don’t choose a “one-size-fits-all” CRM solutions

You must always take into consideration that CRM software always comes baring a lot of functions that need adjusting to your company’s wide spectrum of businesses. Never spend a penny for extra CRM functions that you don’t need or constantly use.
According to Danmar Computers, first-time CRM buyers are advised to never exaggerate the features their business actually can’t leave without. When buying a CRM system, a manager should always take into consideration things like the companies specific audience, and the number of users that will use the platform. Why pay for the functions that the sales department requires if all you need to use is the marketing-related functionality.

Get the CRM System That Integrates Applications

According to Danmar Computers, the CRM integration option is the most important function to think about when installing a CRM system. Businesses need to understand that CRM isn’t just another one of the useless things that businesses tend to collect during the busy work year. Customer relationship management tools are a serious stream of options build to help your business streamline its operations. This valuable integration option that we advise you to get has the ability to enable the company to integrate a CRM system with the other important applications you can’t live without.
CRM software should also seamlessly integrate with: Office 365, an ERP or other accounting software, an HR software, your own website, and web forms, a Google G-Suite integration, billing and e-commerce platforms, transactions platform, as well as may other marketing solutions platform.




Having worked with a lot of insurance agents, we understand the challenges of tracking multiple things and information at the same time.


DanmarCRM helps you manage your day to day activities by ensuring you have all the information you need readily available and organised so that you can focus more on growing your business. It provides you with a reliable and secure means to store client data and manage your daily activities.


Stay organised and grow your business.


Our CRM allows you to securely store all of your client data, track leads, and remind you of follow ups – all from one centralised system. The system reminds you which leads require follow ups and track which policies are about to expire making sure you don’t miss anything.


The system ensures you have your clients’ policy information and renewal dates readily available. Other important information including policy applications, renewal dates, medical information, leads, current clients, group plans, and more are also securely recorded – and you can include custom notes based on your interactions too, helping you build stronger relationships with your client.


You can even pull up reports in real-time so you can better understand your sales funnel, see which channels are producing more leads and identify areas you can improve in your sales process.


We understand that you might already have your own way of doing things, which is why we want to help you integrate our technology seamlessly into what you are already doing. We have made our CRM fully customisable and we provide top notch support to make sure you have all the help you need in setting it up – so you can focus more on you growing your business.