Choose CRM or Marketing Automation Software?

There is a big difference between a marketing automation software and the customer relationship management software, these two totally different systems have the power of improving or destroying a company’s campaign in a matter of minutes.

What is Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is composed of the tools that have the ability to automate, streamline, and analyze all of the marketing relevant workflows of a campaign.
This sort of systems let you follow a visitor’s funnel journey; it enables you to check when and if a customer visits your website, if he reads your blog, or when he fills out the site’s subscription form. They also have the ability to boost customer engagement, to bring in site increased leads and last but not list sales.
You can start using marketing automation software to better organize schedule and track marketing campaigns—especially email campaigns and mass business-to-customer communications.

What is Customer Relationship Management

The totally opposite customer relationship management system enables a company to plan and organize the optimizing of the customer experience.
A CRM system enables you to find out how long a contact has been a customer, it helps you identify past purchase records, and you will be able to check out dates and notes, a record of inbound interaction with the customer service team.
Danmar computers advises sales and customer service teams to use CRM data when optimizing the one-on-one interaction between companies and their clients to increase sales and customer satisfaction level.

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