How Twitter Keyword Targeting Works

Keyword research on giant platforms like Twitter is an important factor that matters just as much as SEO, site link building, and content marketing. The difference between a Twitter page that gets tons of organic followers and one that gets none stands in the keywords used in each and every one of the posts.

Twitter Keyword Search

The phrases that people post on Twitter are indicators of what’s top of mind for them at that moment. Keyword targeting allows companies to target your Tweets so that they show up when people are searching for business-related issues. Twitter keyword targeting is most effective during seasonal periods, cultural events, and industry events that can be linked to your business.
Danmar Computers advises you to enter the keywords have been identified to be worth using and choose whether you want to use phrase match or unordered keyword match.
Start by reaching the most comprehensive group of relevant users, and don’t forget to use keyword targeting defaults to see which and how many accounts use slang, misspellings, synonyms.

Twitter Keyword Timeline Targeting

Customers that read, send out and follow Tweets usually send involuntary signals about what they are experiencing at a certain moment in time – and CRM can help your business analyze and translate the customer thoughts, feelings, and needs. With keyword targeting within the customers’ timeline, companies get to react on these signals by the means of targeting Tweets to niche users based on something they’ve Tweeted. For example, a travel company could reach people who have Tweeted about planning a winter trip by targeting keywords and phrases such as “winter trip”, “snow vacation”, or “winter travel tips”.

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